Wellspring Family Church Teaching

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 Recent Media Uploads 
Busyness and The Lord's Rest (download)
Pete Collinson,
Huseyin Jemil's story and review of Wellspring Family Centre (download)
Huseyin Jemil, 04/11/2018
What is Service (download)
Harry Grigg, 28/10/2018
The natural things speak of the invisible. (download)
Jim Huegett, 21/10/2018
Local Church Leadership (download)
Jon Beardon, 14/10/2018
The woman who anointed Jesus (download)
Pete Collinson, 16/09/2018
Galations (download)
Jon Beardon, 12/08/2018
Acts - The Mystery of God's Sovereignty (download)
Jim Huegett, 05/08/2018
Interview with Pete and Michelle Foster from Czechia (download)
Jon Beardon,
Acts 13, 14 (download)
Trevor Ogden, 29/07/2018
Acts 11 - To The Ends Of The Earth - part 2 (download)
Jon Beardon, 17/06/2018
Acts 11 - To The Ends Of The Earth (download)
Harry Grigg, 17/06/2018
The Battle for Earth (download)
Trevor Ogden, 13/05/2018
The Importance of the Exodus (download)
Pete Collinson, 06/05/2018
Act 6 - Increase (download)
Jon Beardon, 22/04/2018
The Suffering and the Glory (download)
Jon Beardon, 08/04/2018
The Resurrection (download)
Jon Beardon, 01/04/2018
Giving (download)
John Wilthew, 25/02/2018
Devoted to Prayer (download)
Nigel Worth, 18/02/2018
Act2:42-47 Devoted to...the fellowship (download)
Jon Beardon, 14/01/2018
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